Is There Any Way of Getting a Social Security Disability or SSI Case Expedited?

Many times we are asked whether a hearing can be scheduled quicker because of extenuating financial situation(s) like having a utility cut off or eviction notice.This is called a “dire need request” which is basically a way to ask your case to be heard sooner and “bumped in line” ahead of people who filed before you did. A dire need request is discretionary on the part of the court and may or may not be granted. Regardless, if you do ask for a dire need request, you want to provide as much documentation to show that your case is indeed dire need. There are various categories that dire need fall under which are:

  • When a claimant is in danger of losing their rented or owned home, or their expectation that they might be unable to keep their utilities on, or pay for needed medication. Also, if one has reached the limit on how long he/she can stay in a homeless shelter.

  • If there is evidence that a claimant is suicidal or homicidal. It must be established that the claimant is a threat to either him/herself or to others.

  • Claims filed by military service personnel for injuries or illnesses that developed on or after October 1, 2001. The claimant does not need to be a current service member, but the disability must have begun while the claimant was on active duty.

Note that there are cases in which a claim will be flagged for involving a compassionate allowance or terminal illness and this can result in a decision that is made much faster and without the standard medical evidence requirements. This will get a quicker hearing but technically is not a dire need request.

Note that a dire need request has nothing to do with the actual outcome of a claim.

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