What is a Function Report and Why is it so Important? 

When you file for Social Security disability benefits, you will be asked to complete a function report (Form 3373-BK). This report consists of various questions as to what you do during the day or your “activities of daily living” (ADLs). By answering these questions, you are giving the decision maker a snap shot of what your typical day consists of and how your disability impacts everyday living.

Social Security decision makers often use this function report to determine whether a claimants’ statements about the limiting effects of their condition are accurate. At a hearing, a judge may compare the answers to what you originally reported on the function report and see if you give different answers at the hearing. In other words, the judge uses it to assess your credibility.

This form is ten pages long and has five sections. Section A is basic information such as your name, contact information and your living situations. Section B consists of a general open ended question about how your disability affects your ability to work. It is best to answer this question by listing your primary symptoms and how said symptoms would hinder your ability to work.

The third part of this form- Section C- is probably the most important section which starts off with this question: “Described what you do from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed”. The subsequent questions ask whether you participate in daily chores around the house like cooking and cleaning. You are also asked whether your disability affects the ability to perform personal needs and getting around. It is very important to indicate any limitations that you have when performing the tasks that are described. Be honest and don’t overstate things.

Section D poses a series of checklists and questions designed to determine whether you are capable of performing any work. While you should answer all questions honestly, be aware that every question on the form is designed to demonstrate that you may be capable of performing some form of work, so you will want to be careful how you answer. This section also asks about medications you are taking.

The final section (Section E) offers you an opportunity to add any information which you believe is pertinent. If there is any information regarding your disability which does not seem to fit in the other sections, make sure to include it here.

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